Following are some Testimonials and quotes re the Sparkly Edition and comparisons.

After 19 years of studying and teaching the Course

Last year you were kind enough to send me and my husband copies of the Sparkly edition. Many changes have occurred in our lives since then and the Sparkly has become our most compelling edition to read even after 19 years of studying and teaching the Course.

Thank you so much.
Susan Koelbl

I wept as all the areas where I’d struggled with the course had evaporated

Hi, Thank you, thank you for making the Sparkly edition available to down load. I’ve got a hardback version but only just came across the site. When I first read it, so many years ago now, I wept as all the areas where I’d struggled with the course had evaporated.
I wish you well, whatever you may be doing now.
With love,

I really didn’t understand the text until I picked up the Sparkle

Last year, our study group made a decision to begin studying out of the Sparkle. Immediately it became obvious to me that unedited, Jesus’ words are more clear and reach me on a deeper level. I really didn’t understand the text until I picked up the Sparkle.
~Brooke Banwer

What was once seemingly obscure has become as fresh and clear… 

I have been a student and teacher of “A Course in Miracles” since December, 1984.  I felt inspired today to share my experience in reading the new Bill Thetford edition of ”A Course in Miracles” commonly called ”The Sparkly book”.  I received a copy of the book a week ago and am having an amazing and profound experience reading the text. What was once seemingly obscure has become as fresh and clear as a new spring day.

I feel deeply grateful to the author, our elder brother, the great Master of compassion, Teacher of teachers, Guru of Gurus, Om Yesu Christu (Jesus Christ) and to all who heard the call and took action to bring this edition to the world.
I see it as the next evolution in the deepening of the learning and experience of this profound course within the Universal Curriculum.

I offer my complete support in the sharing of this edition to the world, in the continuation of the process of the Great Awakening!  All glory and awe to our Divine Source, (sometimes called, Father, Mother, Brahman, Allah, Yahwey and infinitely more), for ALL that IS.
In Peace and Joy,
Christopher Cornelius

I was there…

I was there in the beginning and spent time with both Helen and Bill… The Sparkly Edition (published by the Thetford Foundation in Australia) is the exact copy of Helen and Bill’s transcript they handed to Hugh Lynn Cayce (Edgar Cayce) for their library (before Dr. Wapnick got ahold of it and heavily edited it).  It was Bill’s “assignment” to edit and disseminate Helen’s notes as he typed them up.  And it is from this edition Jesus [Raj] is currently teaching from.  Before Ted [Poppe] graciously donated it to the NWFFACIM, Jesus [Raj] was teaching from the 1st edition and was constantly making corrections as to what He didn’t say, what He had said that wasn’t included, and what He said that should have come later in certain sections. I simply marveled…

~Tricia Aude

Be easy on yourselves!

I was introduced to ACIM via the FIP version. For whatever reason, I decided I had to read the text, front to back, before I did any lessons. It took me four years to read it. Of course there was a learning curve issue, but there was also the fact that I found the voice of the book to be combative. That was my perception at the time.

To be fair, my perception had changed drastically by the time I read the Sparkle. To be even fairer, that change was partially aided by the FIP version and my practicing the lessons in it. (Props to the friends who helped me so much too!)

That being said, the Sparkle version astounded me with how inviting it was in tone and voice. It was a joy to read. Also, putting the Clarification of Terms at the front of the book really helped. I was so confused as to why I was “made to wait” until the end with the FIP version.

I have no real problem with the FIP version, but if you have a choice, the Sparkle is version you want. Be easy on yourselves!
~Ken Fales

It’s very personal

I began studying ACIM almost 2 years ago and was very discouraged at first because it was like reading the King James Version of the Bible—difficult to understand but I was determined.  I started attending a local group and they were all using the Sparkly Edition and it was love at first sight!  To me, it’s like reading Jesus’s blog—very personal and I love His sense of humor.
~Sheryl Allen

The Sparkly Edition Resonates

‎”Many members of our ACIM groups here in Las Vegas, NV have found that the original text laid out in the Sparkly Edition resonates more with them and helps them to understand the material better. Thank you for making this available!”
~ Lisa Trevino, GentleLessons.com


The Sparkly came into my view at just the right moment in time for me. I have been inspired by it beyond what my first edition of ACIM afforded me. Something I would have said was impossible until it indeed happened. Thank you all who were involved in it coming to fruition in the dream.
~Neil McGregor

This is Huge!

There is something happening on a Quantum level with this Sparkly Edition. Even on a page with no seeming changes, other than the all caps, it just feels like something more…. not related to the senses at all.

Jim and I recognized this upon our first deep examination, as I’ve written you before.
But even beyond that, one can feel a quality that is apparent…. a shifting on a Quantum level.

At our meeting last night even using the xeroxed copies. We read , The Inner Picture.
Rick one of our newer, and dedicated students exclaimed, “This just feels, different, it reads more like regular language….I understand and “get it”.  (Referring to paragraph 1, …no order of difficulty in miracles).  He said (and he has read the whole text before), “I have read this many times before and now I get it!!!!”

This is fantastic…as you are aware. We are Souls…communicating directly.
Something I found this morning using the pdf to search was.

30. Miracles praise God through men. They praise God by honoring His Creations, affirming their perfection. They heal because they deny body-identification and affirm Soul- identification. By perceiving the Spirit, they adjust the levels and see them in proper alignment. This places the Spirit at the center, where Souls can communicate directly.

Jesus is certainly smiling today!!!!!

Lighter Vibration

It was great to find that the Sparkle had more of what Jesus said, in it than the FIP one. I like the headings better and especially the fact of many words capitalized to emphasize a point. The Sparkle seems to have a lighter vibration to it in comparison to the FIP
~Shirley Cooper

Parallel Lines

This is my favorite example so far of differences between the FIP and Sparkly Edition. Being a visual thinker I found this part about parallel lines really spoke to me. I was dumfounded as to why it was removed and after could not go back to reading the FIP version.

Chapter 6 Section 2

FIP edition :

The perfect equality of the Holy Spirit’s perception is the reflection of the perfect equality of God’s knowing. The ego’s perception has no counterpart in God, but the Holy Spirit remains the Bridge between perception and knowledge. By enabling you to use perception in a way that reflects knowledge, you will ultimately remember it. The ego would prefer to believe that this memory is impossible, yet it is your perception the Holy Spirit guides. Your perception will end where it began. Everything meets in God, because everything was created by Him and in Him.

The Sparkly edition:

The perfect equality of the Holy Spirit’s perception is the counterpart of the perfect equality of God’s knowing. The ego’s perception HAS no counterpart in God, but the Holy Spirit remains the bridge between perception and knowledge. By enabling you to use perception in a way that PARALLELS knowledge, you will ultimately meet it and KNOW it. The ego would prefer to believe that this meeting is impossible, yet it is YOUR perception which the Holy Spirit guides. You might remember that the human eye perceives parallel lines AS IF they meet in the distance, which is the same as in the future, if time and space are one dimension. Your perception WILL end where it began. EVERYTHING meets in God because everything was created BY Him and IN Him.

My Soul

For me, the Sparkly Edition answered my question, If I am not the ego, then who am I? With the Sparkly Edition I discovered my Soul which is One with God. Now, that is who I identify with…the only true Identity I have.
~Lana Carolan

The Sparkly Edition of A Course in Miracles

The Sparkly Edition of A Course in Miracles turns out to be a much sought after item, even by long time course students. I purchased one for an ACIM friend who was incredibly excited at the fulfillment of a long time wish and desire. This is a worthy project and I hope there will be many shares and contributions to this blessing vehicle.
~Paul Tuthill