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Over 13,000 copies of the Sparkly Edition of A Course In Miracles have been given away freely.  To continue this ministry it was decided to offer some books for sale to help with future printings.  A recent fund raiser made it possible for the fourth printing of the Sparkle Edition. As well as now offering this edition for sale, through Diamond Clear Vision, Community Miracles Center (CMC), ACIMStore.com and other locations,  we will continue with our ministry of making the Sparkly available to prisoners or anyone unable to afford it through the Borderland Ministries.  It is our hope that the sale of the Sparkly Edition will offset the cost of the copies that will continue to be given away freely.

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A Note about the “Sparkly” Edition of A Course In Miracles

Many have found the “Sparkly” version of A Course In Miracles to have an aliveness about it. People ask, what is the difference between this version and the others? It has an energy about it. The words speak clearly and the tone is friendly.
The major differences come in the first 8 chapters especially the Principles Of Miracles. This version was put together through the guidance and assurance received by 5 individuals and was based on all the material provided through the process of discovery and Jesus’ direction. This is the original edit that Helen and Bill were guided to complete and place on deposit in the Edgar Cayce Library , before the later edits made in the popular Foundation of Inner Peace version or “FIP”.

In the FIP version the “controversial” term “soul” was removed and replaced by the use of the word ‘spirit.’ Capitalized words were removed and the text style was made uniform, which removed the emphasis of many words from the original material. Sentences and even complete paragraphs were removed or rewritten in the editors attempt to make the material more understandable. Many agree that the original material however is actually clearer and made plain by Jesus’ discussions with Helen. You can now read and compare the editions for yourself and come to you own conclusions and understandings.

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